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Calendula officinalis

Calendula officinalis

September, 2019 

By: Lauren Cannon

Few medicinal blossoms have the ability to captivate the heart and heal the body more powerfully than our warm herbal ally Calendula. As with most all of our medicinal plants, the flowers of Calendula act in unique ways on both our physical and emotional bodies.

 Physically, this herb brings a vulnerary, or healing, action to the epithelial tissue of the body which makes up the skin and the lining of the digestive system. Calendula is also a fabulous mover of stagnancies in the body by bringing a softening/decongesting action while also gently stimulating detoxification via the liver & lymphatic systems.

 Energetically, Calendula holds the signature of the sun with its bright orange flowers. Simply being in the presence of these stunning blossoms allows our emotional bodies to begin picking up on and matching this joy. Can you feel it when you sit with this photo of Calendula?

 In the words of Dr. Sharol Tilgner, “This herb is a bit of sunshine flowing forth from the earth. She spreads happiness, cheer, and good will everywhere she goes, and indeed she goes everywhere she is invited.” -Herbal Medicine From the Heart of the Earth 

Here at Vital You, we encourage you to invite this herb into your life by drinking Calendula tea, rubbing an infused oil on your skin when it needs healing, or soaking in a warm bath with a Vital You bb as these orange petals float atop the water. Know that as you relax with our Bliss, Cherish, or Gemini bath bombs, the ever-so-sunshiney Calendula is sharing it’s uplifting and joyous self with you!

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