"Cherish" Each Moment

The uplifting benefits of Cherish

Written By: Emily Paul

Emily Paul is our VY Intern as well as a MPS in Agriculture and Life Sciences with a specialization in Hemp Science

The Cherish bath bomb is the perfect remedy for those who are feeling a lack of inspiration. Did you know that this was the first bath bomb our CEO Jenna thought of? Talk about inspiring!

The blend of orange and lemon essential oils bring an uplifting feeling to those who use Cherish. Lemon oil has the ability to lift feelings of apathy because of its mentally stimulating action. It has an affinity towards brightening your outlook and clearing the mind. Orange essential oil also has an uplifting affect that encourages us to be joyful and relaxed because of its glowing and warm aroma. These oils work in synergy to brighten and tighten skin with their tonic action. Both orange and lemon oils have traditionally been used to alleviate colds, coughs, and sore throats because of anti-bacterial and fever-lowering actions. This bath bomb could be the perfect remedy for lack of inspiration, and useful during periods of illness and low energy.  

The flower essence, white chestnut used in this bath bomb, has an affinity for those who are unable to control their thoughts and have hyperactive minds. This flower essence has the potential to quiet the mind and allow you to think more clearly and constructively. This works perfectly with the uplifting essential oils by first clearing the mind and then bringing more uplifting and positive thoughts. 

In the mix of it all is natural beet root powder, used as a colorant, to give this bomb its pink color and turn your tub into an uplifting pink-lemonade experience!  This powder contains high amounts of Vitamin C which brings antioxidant and skin brightening properties.

Beautiful calendula flower heads decorate the top of this bath bomb. They are known for their uplifting, immune supporting, and antioxidant qualities. We make a point of using the whole flower head in our bath bombs, because most of the medicinal oils are found in the green base of the flower head. This herb is the perfect complement to our dried rose petals that are also found on this topping blend. Rose petals also have astringent properties that compliment those of the lemon and orange essential oils, further improving the skin tightening and toning actions. The petals too, have an uplifting energy that inspire joy and love. Pink Himalayan salt has powerful detoxifying action, extracting toxins from your skin and leaving you feeling refreshed and recharged after soaking in them. 

With a low dose of CBD, this bomb will keep you centered and uplifted, ready to take on anything! Cherish each moment in the bath, and within your life.







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