Fall in love with Vital You's seasonal bath bombs

Fall in love with Vital You's seasonal bath bombs

Written by VY Ambassador, Sarah Schwefel

Sarah Schwefel is certified in endocannabinoid medicine from the American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine.

As the seasons change, we begin to crave different foods, smells, and items to bring us comfort. As we enter the fall season, everything pumpkin spiced comes out and the aromas take us to a cozy place we recognize within. It makes us take a breath and soak in the changing of seasons ahead and all that is to come. If you relate, then you will love Vital You’s Not So Basic bath bomb. It allows one to emerge themselves in the aroma of fall by relaxing and absorbing the many benefits the herbs deliver. Let’s take a deeper look at what makes this seasonal product so amazing...

Fusing herbal medicine and hemp to create a unique healing experience, the bath bomb has 50mg of CBD and a sweet and savory blend of essential oils. The CBD is the perfect ally to unwind after a long day. When soaking in CBD it helps to relax the body and mind through its anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and mood boosting benefits. Additionally, it helps to sooth any skin irritations and fight free radicals to help promote healthy skin as we age. The essential oil blend burst with the aromas of fall when emerged in the water, filling the room with the delicious smells of clove, cinnamon, ginger, orange, and more. It truly smells like you just baked a fresh pumpkin pie and instantly brings a feeling of comfort and joy. 

Vital You’s bath bombs are always crafted with synergy in mind. To help us adapt to the changing seasons walnut flower essence is added. This flower essence helps us to calm our minds, break links with our past, and help us to move forward and conquer the times ahead. A tumbled citrine stone is placed on the bath bomb helping us to cultivate confidence and personal power. The bath bomb is also topped with dried hibiscus, calendula petals, and jasmine buds; all helping to improve our moods and relax our bodies as we soak. A mesh bag is included with purchase to contain the petals. However, the petals floating around while you soak, makes it feel like the bathroom is transformed into a luxurious spa. 

This pumpkin spice and everything nice bath bomb is the perfect ally to help us transition into autumn, providing a warm hug and a moment to re-set. Self-care is always necessary, but with this bath bomb we can turn our self-care into a self-love experience. 

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