Celebrating the New Year with the TRINITY Subscription Box

Celebrating the New Year with the TRINITY Subscription Box

Written by VY Ambassador, Sarah Schwefel

Sarah Schwefel is certified in endocannabinoid medicine from the American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine 

The Trinity subscription box brings self care to your door each month with a different theme that reflects the time in the world- whether a season, holiday, or intention we all need. I love the surprise of self-care products perfectly crafted to bring me relaxation and joy!

For the February box the theme was the Lunar New Year to encourage a chance to start new, regardless of how our year has started out in January, and reminding us that there is always time to reflect on and celebrate the transitions a “new year” usually inspires, no matter when that may occur.

2022 is the Year of the Tiger, bringing us a year of positive changes, that I’m sure we will all happily welcome; and this box is FILLED with products that leverage both Chinese traditional medicine and cultural traditions to help us celebrate the Lunar New Year.

This month's box came with two parts, part one represents the deep cleaning practices in Chinese culture to help prepare our bodies and environment for incoming fortune. For this culture, the New Year is a time of rejuvenation or “spring cleaning,” where one makes room for abundance in the year to come. What  better way to rejuvenate our bodies, but with a skin exfoliant bar? The handmade organic scrub melt bar has cedar wood and balsam fir, leaving my skin so soft and hydrated. Scrub Melts are handmade in Lafayette, CO from a small business Vital You enjoys supporting. I love that not only do I get exclusive products from Vital You, but I also get product from another small business they love, and I always fall in love with after trying.

In this box I also received a clean and clarify bath bomb, perfect for the renewal and cleansing the Lunar New Year brings. The bath bomb is a beautiful heart shape topped with Moss Agate, and a Kyanite gems to help bring tranquility, and emotional balance. The essential oils of balsam fir, rosemary, peppermint, cedar wood, and eucalyptus can help to relax the body, reduce inflammation and pain, improve circulation, and has the potential to relax the nervous system. In Chinese medicine, these herbs are used to balance the chi, (the circulating life force where existence and properties are the basis of Chinese philosophy and medicine), leaving one more grounded and centered. The ingredients used are also said to purify negative energy and bring emotional strength- perfect to help us channel the year of the Tiger as a symbol of strength, bravery, and wisdom.

Part two was designed to bring excitement about celebrating health and prosperity, using herbs and essential oils commonly used in Chinese medicine and as symbols of traditional values of the Lunar New Year.

The firecracker bath sand, quite literally snaps, crackles, and pops when it is placed in the bath- paying tribute to the tradition of lighting firecrackers off New Years Eve. In Chinese culture it is said that an evil spirit, Nian, would terrorize villagers on New Years Eve, so they scare away and deter evil spirits by lighting firecrackers and decorating the towns in red. The salt has a stimulating blend of tangerine, kumquat, ginger, and lemon bringing us not only relief and relaxation, but good luck and fortune in the New Year. The kumquat again stimulates the chi, bringing benefits of wellness and contentment, while the golden flowers the sand is topped with, represent wealth and longevity for the year ahead.

I don’t know about you, but I would be thrilled if my year was filled with health, wealth, and good luck! The TRINITY box handcrafted an exclusive bath bomb for just that this month. The health, wealth, and good luck bath bomb is made with a nourishing blend of essential oils of tangerine, orange, jasmine, ginger, and cinnamon, filling the room with a delicious citrus scent when soaking. The beautiful bright orange ingredients are used to bring good luck, wealth, prosperity, and happiness; and the jasmine is a symbol of forever love, helping fill the year with all things good. The bath bomb also has marigold infused coconut oil and a witch hazel infusion of herbs that promote blood flow, longevity, and tranquility in the body.

The Lunar New Year ends of the 15th of the month with a lantern festival to promote reconciliation, peace, and forgiveness; celebrated in the name of freedom, society, and reunions. Vital You included a beautiful paper lantern in this months box to light in honor of the lantern festival that perfectly completes the theme.

This year should be the year we invest in ourselves. Let’s give ourselves the self care and self love we deserve. For me, the Trinity Box is a perfect way to do just that! Each month comes a carefully curated box to help us reflect on the time of year we are in, refresh, and relax with exclusive products. This month's TRINITY box allowed me to realize anytime of year can be a “new year,” and gave me time to reflect and smile at all that’s ahead.

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