Meet Vital You's Toner Mists...

Meet Vital You's Toner Mists...

Written by VY Ambassador, Sarah Schwefel

Sarah Schwefel is certified in endocannabinoid medicine from the American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine.

CBD and skin care go together like peanut butter and jelly. It is a perfect ally to help with redness, dryness, acne, and so much more. Research has shown CBD can even help with an array of skin conditions, including psoriasis and eczema. When combined with botanicals, it becomes a powerhouse combination soothing, healing, and nourishing the skin. Vital You’s toner mist line perfectly fuses herbal medicine and hemp to create a unique healing experience, each delivering their own benefits. 

Toner mist can be used in variety of ways. We can use them before and after our make-up to prep our skin and set the makeup, after we wash our face, and as a way to hydrate and nourish our hair. We can also use the toner mist as a scent, freshening up a room, or as a lovely natural perfume, one with aromatic benefits we absorb the minute we breath in. They are versatile and are the perfect size to through in your bag to take on the go. Let’s dive into the benefits and ingredient profiles of the four toner mist offered. 

Pure Toner Mist 

The pure toner mist is made for all day, everyday usage. It helps to hydrate and tone the skin while delivering a burst of freshness, uplifting our spirits when inhaled. With 50mg of CBD it is gentle enough to use any time of day and is perfect to keep in our bags as a quick way to feel refreshed. With a blend of white chestnut and wild rose flower essence, the toner mist brings feelings of joy and helps to clear the mind, helping us to hit reset. 

The pure toner mist, along with zen and chill are made with lavender hydrosol boosting the benefits of the toners even more. Lavender hydrosol is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, providing relief from acne, redness, dryness, skin rashes, and eczema. It also reduces inflammation and has a regenerative effect, making it great for soothing any skin irritations. Additionally, the hydrosol is filled with antioxidants, helping to protect our skin from free radicals as we age. 

Chill Toner Mist 

The chill toner mist is a relaxing and calming blend, made to help us in high stress situations, when we are feeling wired, and to help those with slight insomnia quiet their minds to help them sleep. Made with 70mg of CBD, when inhaled it can help reduce stress and anxiety, and it is perfectly accompanied by a calming blend of essential oils of lavender and chamomile. The flower essence of hornbeam and red chestnut is added to encourage a positive state of mind, and to help us care for others with compassion, rather than worry. The blend also helps to fight feelings of exhaustion before a task has begun, helping us to “chill out” and believe in ourselves. 

Zen Toner Mist 

We can all use a little zen in our lives, and Vital You’s zen toner mist delivers just that with their proprietary zen blend of essential oils, blended with 120mg of CBD and herbs to help us destress and find our zen. Created with synergy in mind, Bach’s 5 flower rescue remedy flower essence is added offering us peace in times of stress, panic, and trauma. It is a great ally to keep with you at all times, and pairs delightfully with a meditation session. 

Upendo Toner Mist 

Upendo means love in Swahili and this toner mist is definitely made with love in mind, helping to uplift us and open our hearts. This toner mist has an interesting origin. In 2012 one of the founders travelled to Africa with the Africa Yoga Project, teaching youth how to teach yoga and in turn creating jobs for them, teaching them safe yoga practice, and helping to create community. While there, they also helped build a school for the village. During their time in Africa, they were filled with love, and later created Upendo, a toner mist that opens the heart chakra and brings many benefits. With each sale of the upendo mist, 5% of all sales will go to the Africa Yoga Project, helping to continue their mission. 

Unlike the other three toner mist that is made with lavender hydrosol, the upendo mist is made with rose hydrosol. Rose water has been used thousands of years as a beauty product and for good reason. It is gentle on the skin, is anti-aging, helps control excess oil on the skin, tones the skin, and can even help fight acne thanks to its anti-bacterial properties. When inhaled it also promotes feelings of calm and happiness. A blend of gem and flower essence is added to open the heart chakra bringing us feelings of bliss, joy, gratitude, and self-love; truly turning our everyday beauty routine into a self-love experience. 

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