Self Care for the Holidays

Self Care for the Holidays

Vital You & Self Care for the Holidays 

By VY ambassador, Sarah Schwefel


When you think of self care, what comes to mind? Maybe a hot cup of tea, a warm bath, or a quiet moment to yourself with a face mask on. Right now we have a lot on our plates and the holiday season always adds on an extra pile. The season is filled with joy, love, and making memories that will last forever. However, it also can bring stress making all the magic happen. This year let’s take our self care up another level and turn it into a self love experience. We deserve it!

 Vital You has everything we need to help us unwind after a day of holiday errands and planning, and the perfect items to check off our holiday shopping list for our loved ones. 

First up, my favorite items from Vital You, their bath bombs! Hand crafted in small batches they are changing the game on self care! Fusing herbal medicine and hemp, each bath bomb brings a unique experience. They have bath bombs crafted for deep relief, sleep support, mood support, and so much more! They even have one specifically made for the men on our shopping list and the little ones! How fun would it be to give the gift of a luxurious bath experience to the whole family this year?

Vital You also has their limited edition holiday bombs that I can’t wait to see released each season! The Joy bath bomb is sure to put anyone in the holiday spirit with cinnamon, clove, spearmint, and cardamom scents, and while we soak we are surrounded by gold water-soluble stars! The Conifer bomb is perfect for the forest lover in our life. It has a beautiful evergreen essence and floods the room with the smell of a fresh Christmas Tree. And last but not least, they have an Icy Bomb that is minty fresh, so relaxing, and comes with a special discount code for future purchases! Now I know how do you choose? For the bath lover in your life, the holiday luxury box comes with all of the holiday bombs and a beautiful Wax Crescent fir candle! I know I would be elated if Santa put this under my tree this year! 

Now I know baths are not every ones cup of tea, probably because they haven’t soaked in a Vital You bomb yet. But good news, for the skin care lovers; they have a Goddess face mask that makes our skin feel fresh out of the spa, toner sprays, massage oils, salves and body butters that make the perfect gifts. With the cold bitter months ahead and holiday stress, every one could use a little extra love for their skin this season.

For a gift that keeps on giving, I love to gift the Trinity Box! It’s a box filled with self care goodies that comes once a month, packed to the brim with unreleased hand selected items from Vital You and other small businesses. Come January, your loved one and you will love getting a themed box packed with self care goodies to unwind after the holidays. 

Self care is self love. We all need it and after the years we have had and everything we do to make the holidays perfect, we deserve moments for ourselves. Let Vital You help you check off your holiday gift list, reduce some of the stress, and give you a self love experience you deserve with their handcrafted products, while you unwind from making all the magic happen this year. 

Happy Holidays!

- Sarah

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