Share Your Scars; Nicola Nash & Fibromyalgia

Share Your Scars; Nicola Nash & Fibromyalgia

This blog content is strictly based on personal experience and condition of the writer, Vital You does not make any medical claims in the cause or cure of the condition and treatment.

Written by Vital You Ambassador, Nicola Nash


-Tell us a bit about your condition: When did it begin? What symptoms do you have? 

I am a fibromyalgia warrior, a chronic migraine warrior (as a result of 2 traumatic brain injuries), and an IC/Interstitial Cystitis Warrior. My issues began in my twenties after a major accident, and have continued/gotten worse into my thirties. For a long time I was seeing doctor after doctor with no real solutions, only medications for pain and symptoms that often caused more issues for me. A couple of years ago I began to seek more natural solutions in an effort to really change my health and well being, and began a whole different kind of journey that has helped me become the empowered warrior I am today.

-How has this condition negatively impacted your life? Can you share a story where this condition was particularly difficult for you? What other emotions come along when you are having a “bad” day with your condition?

Fibromyalgia is definitely the worst of my conditions. It often causes widespread nerve pain, inflammation, fatigue, “brain fog”, temperature imbalance, and also makes my other conditions flare more often. I have had to become that person that prioritizes rest, cannot always make concrete plans because I don’t know how I will feel day to day, damaged past relationships, makes it hard to work a normal job sometimes, and there are even days I can’t speak or think clearly. It is also always changing depending on my stress level, my sleep, my cycle, my emotions, the weather, and other factors. It is truly an “invisible illness”, and most people often have no idea how much effort and work it takes physically and mentally to live with.

-How has your condition positively impacted your life? Has it brought you closer to a community or particular people? Has it made you grateful for your “good” days? Has it shaped your character in any way? 

Looking back on it now, my conditions are what made me who I am today. It has caused me to become the type of person who perseveres, who seeks answers, and who doesn’t stop going. It has also given me a type of empathy and understanding that makes me want to help other warriors and do more for the chronic illness community, because I know so many people are suffering day in and day out with conditions worse than mine, and they need help, more research, and more awareness.

-How do you find emotional/communal/informational support with your condition? Family, friends, loved ones, books, podcasts, blogs, , Facebook groups, community meet ups? 

I found an incredible community of fellow warriors and IG friends when I got into natural products and started really diving deep into how I could naturally support my wellness. I also have a super supportive family, an incredible partner who has been with me through the worst of my conditions and is always supportive of my needs, and have met so many incredible people through the cannabis community, my oily family Modern Essentials, and the VY family!

-How do you find relief of physical symptoms? What holistic/home remedies do you use? What specific products, brands, practices, rituals, foods, teas, herbs help you find support and relief in your condition? 

I am a big believer in essential oils and plant based products, and love Young Living. It not only has the most amazing community, it is also one of the best companies out there when it comes to quality products that are created to support your health and wellness. I am also a brand partner with them, you can connect with me at

I use a lot of herbs and minerals to help boost my immunity and wellness too, including adaptogens like Chaga, Reishi, and Ashwagandha (my favorite shop for these is @superfeast), minerals like Shilajit (, and other types of Ayurvedic medicine.

I am also an avid cannabis & CBD advocate as it helps to naturally manage my chronic pain and inflammation. I actually stumbled onto the Vital You website thanks to a spoonie warrior friend, and became a total “tub time” person after soaking in my first VY bath bomb and finding so much relief.

-Has the Vital You products or community aided your condition or mindset in any way?

OMG YES! I honestly was never a fan of baths or bath bombs until I tried the VY bombs after a friend recommended them for pain relief. After one soak, I was totally hooked. Not only are the bath bombs a huge part of my wellness warrior self care routine, their toners, body butters, salves, and muscle rubs are all incredible. I am beyond grateful and lucky to be part of the Ambassador program and sales team with the incredible women who created and run this company!

-Do you find relief from hemp products? If so, how is it consumed and what symptoms does it help with?

I take CBD and use hemp products daily for pain, inflammation, mood support, sleep support, and cognitive support. I think it is a completely understated and undervalued resource, and it deserves to be more readily available to fellow warriors. There needs to be more advocacy, more research, and more support for the hemp community (which Vital You does an incredible job of, and is another reason I am so in awe of this company!)

-Is there anything else you wish to share about your condition?

For anyone dealing with chronic illness, or loved ones supporting a chronic illness warrior: don’t give up. For a long time I didn’t see or feel a lot of hope about my condition or where my life was going. But there is an incredible community and amazing advocates, healers, teachers, and fellow warriors out there. You will find your people, and there are always options. And most important of all, you are not alone!

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