Surrender to Self-Care

Surrender to Self-Care

Written By: Emily Paul

Emily Paul is our VY Intern as well as a MPS in Agriculture and Life Sciences with a specialization in Hemp Science


What makes you surrender to self-care? 

This bath bomb may do the trick...

The combination of roman chamomile, lavender, and peppermint essential oils in this bath bomb perfectly compliment the intention of unwinding and letting go. Chamomile is perfect for sensitive skin and has anti-inflammatory properties, promoting physical relaxation. Lavender is just as beneficial for the body as it is for the mind. It is an antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and calms the nervous system. All these properties have the potential to create harmony and organization within the mind and body. Peppermint works synergistically with lavender and adds a cooling effect to this combination of oils. This cooling sensation has an affinity for creating mental clarity and overcoming negative thoughts. The relaxant action of lavender and chamomile combined with the stimulating action of peppermint gives this bomb a “calm but awake” feeling to it, producing a similar effect to meditation. 

White chestnut, chestnut bud, and rock water flower essences truly help you surrender to the positive effects of this bath bomb. Chestnut bud has the potential to help overcome anxious thoughts and promote living in the present. This essence can empower one to pay attention, listen, and learn from experiences. Rock water is used in this bomb to enhance qualities of flexibility and freedom, allowing one to fully surrender and listen to your needs.  White chestnut, the thought flower, brings you to a place of a clear and quiet mindset, where you can control and guide your thoughts. This combination of essences makes Surrender the perfect bomb for those who suffer from anxiety and unwanted thoughts that take control over their minds. 

The blue rose petals that top this bomb so beautifully, have many healing qualities. Rose petals have a mildly sedative effect and are known to be anti-inflammatory. These properties make it the perfect aesthetic addition for Surrender. 

A clear quartz is tucked in-between blue rose petals because of its potential to absorb, release, store, and regulate energy. This crystal is known to absorb the energy of the individuals needs and amplify the intent that is desired. It can aid in concentration and bring clarity and strength to the mind. 

The natural colorants in this mixture are blueberry powder and chamomile powder. Blueberries are known to be antioxidants and adaptogens. Adaptogens strengthen the resistance to external stressors by supporting the adrenal and pituitary glands. They have the potential to help people deal with the negative effects of stress on the body. Native Americans observed that wild blueberries were one of the only plants to grow back after a wildfire, emerging stronger than ever. The chamomile powder amplifies the effects of the oil blend by enhancing the calming effect.

With each bath bomb having its individual intention, Surrender is definitely one of our favorites to unwind with.

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