Terpene Benefits & A Deep Dive into Hops

Terpene Benefits & A Deep Dive into Hops

Written by VY Ambassador, Sarah Schwefel

Sarah Schwefel is certified in endocannabinoid medicine from the American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine.


Often times when we think of hops, we associate it with the flavoring of beer. After all, it has been used for well over 1,000 years in crafting beer, primarily as bitters, flavor, as well as a stability agent in beer. However, as a direct cousin to cannabis, hops have been used even longer as a medicinal plant, bringing an array of benefits to the mind and body.

In fact, King George III of the United Kingdom (1738-1820) swore by the power of hops and would supposedly sleep with his pillow filled with hops for the aroma to help calm him and get a good night’s rest. It’s no wonder, as hops are filled with compounds that have a vast number of therapeutic benefits to deliver, including helping to calm the body and mind.

Let’s dive into the many ways hops can help us and why it is so much more than flavoring for beer...

Hops contain chemical compounds called, isohumulones. Through research, isohumulones have demonstrated their ability to reduce chronic inflammation through a reduction in pro-inflammatory cellular factors. When soaking in hops, consuming it, or applying it topically, it reduces inflammation and in turn can also reduce pain, trigged by chronic inflammation. 

Hops are also filled with an array of terpenes that bring medicinal benefits. It has pinene (also found in plants such as rosemary), myrcene (also found in mangos), humulene (also found in sage), and caryophyllene (also found in black pepper) as its primary terpenes. All have relaxing properties, which is why when we drink beer, we feel our body melt in ways. That is the power of hops at work! Here are some of the many benefits these terpenes can deliver: 

  • Reduces pain and inflammation 
  • Calms the body and mind 
  • Anti-Catabolic helping to protect muscle tissues 
  • Muscle relaxant 
  • Sleep support 
  • Antioxidant delivering skin support and more 

Surprised by this information? Have you gained a new perspective of beer? Now you can think of hops as more than just beer, but a medicinal plant that can bring more value. Keep reading for my experience with VY's "Hop On Top" bath bomb...


A note from the writer-

In my personal experience, the Hop on Top bath bomb perfectly leverages the power of hops and hemp to make a powerhouse remedy to combat pain, inflammation, muscle relaxation, and so much more. Through its synergistic properties, it provides a wide range of benefits to my body. With my condition, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, I have widespread chronic pain, and muscle spasms. With the combined power of hop's terpenes and 200mg of CBD, it is the perfect ally to help sooth my aching body and allow me to enjoy my bath with a moment of peace. If you have pain, inflammation, or muscle spasms; I highly recommend the Hop on Top bath bomb for relief. 


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