The Benefits of

The Benefits of "Sleep"


Written By: Emily Paul

Emily Paul is our VY Intern as well as a MPS in Agriculture and Life Sciences with a specialization in Hemp Science

Our bath bomb “Sleep” is one of our best sellers for many reasons. We like to describe it as our “deep rest & rejuvenation” bomb, but there’s so much more where that’s from! Here are some brief descriptions of the ingredients included in this bomb, and what it could be doing for you while you’re relaxing in the bath...

✧ The essential oils that make Sleep so effective are Vanilla, Cedarwood, Vetiver, and German Chamomile. The warm blend of Vanilla and Cedarwood provides a comforting and soft aroma. Vetiver, also known as “the oil of tranquility,” brings an earthy and grounding effect to this bomb. The Chamomile in this bath bomb is anti-allergenic which makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergic skin conditions like eczema. Chamomile is also known to have anti-insomnia properties, so using this bomb before bed can help relax the mind, reduce anxiety, and promote a restful sleep. This oil also contains an anti-inflammatory agent called Chamazulene which can help soothe inflammation and relax sore muscles before heading to bed.

✧ Witch hazel infused with Skullcap, California Poppyseed, and Passionflower adds a botanical boost to this bath bomb.  Passionflower and California Poppyseed are neuro-sedative and antispasmodic, creating a deeply relaxing effect that is especially helpful for calming anxiety. Skullcap contains a compound called Baicalin that is known to cure insomnia. This herb also has a positive effect on neurotransmitters that reduce anxiety and calm the mind.

✧ Oliver flower essence in this bomb brings a feeling of peace and order being restored, allowing you to fully relax and fall peacefully to sleep. This essence has the potential to restore a sense of strength and renewal to an overworked mind and body. 

✧ The beautiful gemstone that decorates this bath bomb is aquamarine-the sea stone. This stone is known for its soothing and peaceful energy. Aquamarine pulls the energy from all the different oils and essences in this bomb to help you go into a deeper, more relaxing state of mind. The aquamarine is complimented by a sprinkle of blue cornflower. This herb has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and astringent qualities that can soothe areas of discomfort before going to sleep. 

Fascinating right? It’s amazing what fifteen minutes in the bathtub can do for you, on top of giving you the relaxation you need to end the day! We’ll be posting more bomb descriptions on our blog, so stay tuned to learn more about your favorites!

*German chamomile used topically can cause interactions with some analgesic, antiarrhythmic, antidepressant, estrogen and serotonin medications.

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