Warrior Bath Bomb: A relaxing soak for those with chronic pelvic pain

Warrior Bath Bomb: A relaxing soak for those with chronic pelvic pain

Written by VY ambassador: Sarah Shwefel 

When searching for relief from her own chronic pain due to Endometriosis & May Thurner's, the founder of Vital You Jenna, created the Warrior bath bomb. The first bath bomb of their medicinal line - with intention to help those in the chronic pain community. Personally, Warrior has become one of my favorite bath bombs from their collection. Let’s look at what makes this bath bomb so special and an amazing ally for those of use that are living with chronic pain.

The Warrior bath bomb is a gleaming example of how to fuse herbal medicine and hemp to create a unique healing experience. It is made with 200mg of CBD, making it one of the more potent bath bombs from Vital You. High milligrams of CBD are ideal for those battling chronic pain. It delivers a greater level of relief from inflammation and pain, and for those like myself with many injuries and extreme levels of pain, the higher CBD content is often necessary to truly feel the relief CBD has to offer. This is because the more injuries present in the body, the more cannabinoid receptors are present, thus having a large majority of chronic pain patients needing higher amounts of CBD compared to others.

Along with CBD, there is a proprietary blend of essential oils, specifically and carefully selected to relieve pain, spasms, cramping, and inflammation. Initially, this blend was selected to help those with pelvic pain and though it does, it also helps with relieving other areas in the body that are in need of relief.

Flower essences are a Vital You special ingredient added to the bath bomb for additional mind and body support. Aloe flower essence brings us strength, clarity, and emotional balance, while also delivering relief from pain and inflammation. Sweet Pea is added to help us regulate and come home to our bodies. Too often pain makes us dissociate through life, tuning out to escape the pain and this essence helps us to reconnect with ourselves and be more present, while gaining the relief the Warrior bath bomb has to offer. Lastly but certainly not least, a blend  Sacral Chakra essence which promotes healthy emotional expression and enhances creativity and sensuality. By working with the energies of various flowers and gemstones, flower and chakra essences can help promote feelings of joy, pleasure, and emotional well-being, while also supporting a healthy sex drive and balanced hormonal function.

The Warrior bath bomb is exactly what is needed for chronic pain warriors seeking the relief and relaxation they deserve. It helps us to become one with our body and rather than fighting the never-ending war chronic pain brings, it gives us moments of relief, relaxation, peace and acceptance. The Warrior bath bomb was just the beginning of a wide range of bath bombs Vital You has created to help those of us with chronic pain and I am so thankful for it. Because of the Warrior bath bomb and others from Vital You, I along with many others, can have moments of peace and relaxation again. If you or someone you know has pain, I highly recommend trying this bath bomb. The best part is, there is nothing to lose but pain. Encourage your warrior spirit.

A note from the writer:

As someone who lives with high levels of pain every second of my day, I am so appreciative for this bath bomb and the care that was put into it. From the essential oils and hemp to the flower essences specifically chosen to help with both the physical and mental challenges that come with living with pain. Though this bath bomb was crafted to help those with pelvic pain, the ingredients can help so many. I have many spine injuries and a connective tissue disorder, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Finding relief from my constant pain is difficult and this bath bomb, along with so many others from Vital You, helps to ease my constant pain. In nights where I can barely think, am barely present, I love that I can rely on the Warrior bath bomb to help me. I am forever thankful for Vital You and the care they put not just into their amazing products, but the care they have for their community and for the many patients that rely on their products to help us live the best lives we can.

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