Who is Vital You? – An outside perspective

Who is Vital You? – An outside perspective

Written by VY Ambassador, Sarah Schwefel

Sarah Schwefel is certified in endocannabinoid medicine from the American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine.

With personal experience and background education, Vital You was developed to fuse the benefits of herbal medicine and hemp to deliver a unique healing experience. This small women owned and operated business is a team of hard working, caring, and loving individuals from all walks of life; including herbalist, healers, estheticians, creators, and dreamers. LOVE is an ingredient in all of their products, and it shows by transforming each of our self-care routines into gentle moments of self-love.

Let’s talk about the core values that sets Vital You apart from the rest...

They encourage their customers to slow down and invest in their self-care.

For us as a society, it’s common to put our self-care on the back burner. Life can get busy, and we easily forget our needs in the hustle and bustle of life. Recognizing this need for holistic care, this team has crafted a wide range of products to support our needs in all aspects of life- whether it be a bath soak to bring deep relief from a long day, or a salve to ease sunburnt skin. They help take the guess work out of what products we need by perfectly crafting these products for the experience we desire. Vital You also offers a monthly subscription box filled with hand crafted unreleased items that are seasonally inspired to help you RECEIVE that much needed self-care every month. Delivered to your door at the beginning of each month so you don't have to add "remember to take care of self" to your long to-do list. 

They use the highest quality ingredients and uphold the highest quality of standards for their finished products. 

Have you ever bought a CBD product and it didn’t work very well, or the product separated? Unfortunately, this is common in the hemp industry as cannabinoids can be difficult to blend into formulations. They often form colloidal suspensions, causing the product to separate overtime and in-turn not deliver the benefits the cannabinoids have to offer. Vital You works closely with their local hemp cultivators and crafts all of their products in small batches to ensure the highest quality experience. In addition, they source all of the herbal & botanical ingredients from high quality ethical suppliers and buy locally when possible. 

They build community, treat their customers like friends, and create a supportive team environment. 

Community means so much and it has unfortunately become lost in today’s society between big corporations and social awkwardness after COVID. Vital You strives to create a community of people from all over that want the same thing; to spread love, positivity, and education of the healing powers of hemp, herbs, and botanicals. As a member of the ambassador team, I can tell you from experience that they have built a team of ambassadors and sales reps that feels like family. They value our opinions and create an environment that is welcoming and collaborative. When you are a customer of Vital You, they are there to guide you through your journey of herbal medicine and holistic self-care. Vital You treats all who come into contact with them with respect, love, and inspiration. 

They cherish the relationships with everyone they work with, including their wholesale vendors. 

In 2018, Vital You’s bath bombs where first created by their CEO, Jenna, while searching for relief from her own chronic conditions. Since then, they have grown into a nation-wide company with the help of their customers spreading the word, ambassadors sharing online, building a small sales team, and their 200+ wholesale vendors who carry their products in their stores. Vital You is a humble business that knows they wouldn’t experience the growth they have without the help of so many others and the outside belief in their products. Their appreciation doesn't go unnoticed. Working with other small businesses, apothecaries, boutiques, etc. brings them joy, as they love to be cheerleaders for other individuals following their passions as well. 

They are allies and give back to charities, organizations, and movements. 

Vital You not only works to build community, but also does everything they can to support their community. They have donated to many organizations, including pride non-profits, women’s health movements, and chronic illness organizations and charities. When you spend money with this company you are not only investing in your own self-care, but you are placing it somewhere that will in-turn help others. There's no better feeling than that. 

Vital You not only creates great products, but they also create new standards in beauty, hemp and self-care. A commitment to care deeply for their customers, the products they sell, and for how a Vital family should be created. The hemp industry is massive and it's important to know who you're buying from. It's crucial that companies like Vital You exist and stay, because we need companies that still care about the people that buy from them. As someone who needs these products to live the best I can, to ease chronic pain, and help make as many moments outside of my bed possible, I am so grateful for Vital You. 

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