How shopping small is good for the environment

How shopping small is good for the environment

by VY ambassador Sarah Schwefel

In recent times, people have developed a greater consciousness about the impact of their actions on the environment, particularly with regards to consumerism. The emissions of carbon dioxide and methane have a significant role in polluting the atmosphere and causing global warming. Therefore, it is imperative that we take conscious measures to reduce our carbon footprint. By choosing to shop small, we can play a part in creating a more vibrant, cleaner, and healthier environment. Vital You is a small business that passionately strives to incorporate several eco-friendly practices to reduce emissions and promote sustainability. Join us as we explore the many ways in which Vital You positively impacts the environment...

Sourcing Materials Locally

Vital You truly values the importance of sourcing materials locally, significantly reducing transportation and import demands. By doing so, they not only ensure quality materials and support their local economy, but also minimize their carbon footprint. The transportation of goods from distant suppliers often generates a significant amount of emissions, which can cause harm to the environment. By sourcing locally, Vital You takes a proactive step in reducing their carbon footprint by limiting the distance that their goods travel.

In addition to their commitment to sourcing locally, Vital You also strives to unite with other small businesses who share an eco-friendly mindset. They use ethically mined gemstones from a small business in Ohio and Arkansas, source direct-to-consumer packaging supplies from California, and work with a women-owned domestic chemical supplier in Michigan. They also use organic hemp that is grown and extracted in Colorado, and herbs and botanicals that are cultivated on family-owned farms in Colorado, Oregon, and California. By working with these like-minded small businesses, Vital You promotes sustainable practices and reduces the overall impact on the environment.

Producing Products by Hand

At Vital You, they firmly believe in the power of handcrafted products made in small batches. This is a stark contrast to the production practices of large corporations that rely heavily on machines and automation. Vital You's handmade products consume less energy and produce fewer emissions compared to mass-produced goods. This approach guarantees that each product is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, resulting in high-quality goods that are not only exceptional but also environmentally friendly. By producing products by hand, they conserve energy and emit no factory pollutants, which helps to reduce the overall impact on the environment.

Setting up Brick & Mortar Locations within Communities

Vital You deeply values the sense of community and strives to be an integral part of it. They take pride in their brick-and-mortar location within their community, which plays an essential role in reducing the spread of urban sprawl and habitat loss. Unlike big corporations that construct stores in vast suburban areas, which often leads to the destruction of natural habitats, small businesses like Vital You prefer to utilize existing structures within their communities. This approach helps limit urban sprawl, preserve natural habitats, and foster a stronger sense of community.

When you choose to shop at small businesses like Vital You, you're not only supporting a fantastic brand that spreads love and togetherness through their healing herbal products, but you're also making a positive impact on the environment. Vital You is committed to eco-friendly practices and actively supports the local community. Shopping small allows us to contribute to a more sustainable future, taking care of the planet that takes care of us while reducing our carbon footprint. Let's join hands with Vital You to create a brighter and greener tomorrow.

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