HEMP LOVER bundle ($94 value)
HEMP LOVER bundle ($94 value)
HEMP LOVER bundle ($94 value)

    HEMP LOVER bundle ($94 value)

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    This bundle was created for those who enjoy higher dosages of CBD. Containing an assortment of our strongest bath bombs & toner mist, this bundle is sure to help you find your zen.

    In this bundle:

    *One 100mg ‘Deep’ bath bomb (essential oils to soothe & cool the body, arnica oil for achy joints and muscles, colored with alfalfa powder, topped with lapis lazuli & blue cornflower)

    *One 100mg ‘Bliss’ bath bomb (citrus & vanilla essential oils, uplifting flower essences, colored with beetroot & hibiscus powder, topped with moonstone and calendula petals)

    *One 100mg 'Sleep' (soothing essential oils, an herbal infusion for mild sedation and anxiety relief, topped with an aquamarine gem and blue cornflower) 

    *One 100mg 'Breathe' (sinus opening essential oils, topped with eucalyptus petals and an amazonite gem, colored with butterfly pea powder) 

    *One 120mg ‘Zen’ toner mist (organic local lavender hydrosol, peppermint, lavender & roman chamomile essential oils, Bach’s 5-flower essence rescue remedy for anxiety & stress)

     This product contains no THC.

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