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LAVENDER LOVER bundle ($42 value)

    LAVENDER LOVER bundle ($42 value)

    $36.00 Regular price $42.00

    B U N D LE


    This bundle is made for the lavender lover! 3 of our favorite lavender infused items are in this mix.

    In this bundle:

    *One 50mg ‘Serenity’ bath bomb (roman chamomile, lavender, topped with grey Celtic sea salt & lavender buds)

    *One 70mg ‘Surrender’ bath bomb (lavender, chamomile & peppermint essential oils, topped with blue hydrangea and clear quartz)

    *One ‘PURE’ toner mist (local, organic lavender hydrosol, 50mg CBD isolate, uplifting flower essences)

     This product contains no THC.

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