Self-Love V Day Bundle ($70 value)
Self-Love V Day Bundle ($70 value)
Self-Love V Day Bundle ($70 value)
Self-Love V Day Bundle ($70 value)

    Self-Love V Day Bundle ($70 value)

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    Treat yourself or someone you love to this very special, limited edition L.O.V.E  bundle! 

    Self love + care is equally important as loving those special people in your life. Show yourself or those in your life you adore some love with this bundle. See the full details of the products in this offering below. There are only 20 of these bundles available, so order asap!

    This bundle is available for preorder & will be shipped 1/27. Upon order, please include your size for the undies in the 'notes' section at checkout, or we will email you asking for your size for the undies. The undies will come separately from MadZinnia directly. Please find sizing here:


    ◈ F E A T U R I N G 

    ❖ MadZinnia High Waisted Undies (Option of Raspberry or Midnight)  

    High Waisted Undies: Classic Full Coverage front and back, no wedgies and even more comforting with a high waist that hits at your belly button.

    Available in:

    Raspberry (5 pairs available) pink blend

    Midnight (15 pairs available) blue blend

    MadZinnia, a one-woman show, focuses on sustainability in the entire process.The dyes used to color pieces are mostly Procion Fiber Reactive (Low Impact) Dyes. What makes these dyes low impact? They do not contain toxic substances, they do not require heat and they have a high absorbency rate. Every time fabric is dyed a specific rinsing process is used, where the fabric is soaked in a small water bath for longer periods of time in order to not use excessive water while washing out. When enough plant/natural material has been stored up (like avocado, onion skins, etc.), that is utilized for color.


    ❖ DRUZY S M I T T E N 70mg Limited Edition Vday BB  

    🌱70mg local, hemp-derived CBD isolate

    💧Blend of grapefruit, tuberose, jasmine + rose essential oils

    ✨ Flower & gem essences to open the heart chakra 

    🌹  Rose petals

    💎Topped with a champagne or clear druzy pendant (Can be reused after your soak to create your own necklace or bracelet, reminding you of the self-love you created during this soak) 


    ❖ Wax Crescent 4oz Limited Edition 'Heart' Candle 

    Valentine's Day Exclusive, Locally Created Candle

    Scent notes:
      Sandalwood, tobacco and dark musk with hints of amber, coriander and spice 


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