U P E N D O toner mist 100mg

U P E N D O toner mist 100mg



This toner mist is created from organic rose hydrosol, a blend of gem & flower essences for the heart chakra and 100mg of pure, local CBD isolate. This mist is created with heart opening & uplift in mind.

‘Upendo’ means love in Swahili, and 5%* of all sales of this mist will be donated to the Africa Yoga Project

U P E N D O features:

💧 organic, rose hydrosol to open the heart, and provide anti-aging and antioxidant effects for the skin & face
🌱 100mg local, hemp-derived CBD isolate
✨blend of gem & flower essences to open the heart chakra
🌹 infused with rose quartz crystals
💖5% of all sales are donated to the Africa Yoga Project

Rose water has long been valued for its benefits on both the physical and mental level. We love it because..

*rose water is gentle on the skin

*has been found to be anti-aging

*helps control excess oil

*tones this skin and clean pores

*vanish feelings of anxiety & boost mood

In 2012, I had the opportunity to travel to Africa with the Africa Yoga Project, an organization that provides jobs for young adults, by teaching them how to become yoga teachers. This in turn has created community, helped youth earn money, and provided a safety within their yoga practice. During my time there, we helped build a school in a Masaii village.


Ingredients: organic rose (Rosa damascene) hydrosol, witch hazel, 100mg hemp-derived CBD isolate in MCT coconut oil, blend of gem and flower essences (Ruby, Emerald, Sunflower, Bleeding Heart, Rosa Deep Secret, Peace Rose, Lavender & Tetrahedron)