Valentine's Day Bundle! (limited edition-retail $69)

Valentine's Day Bundle! (limited edition-retail $69)

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Treat yourself or someone you love to this very special, limited edition L.O.V.E  bundle! 

Self love + care is equally important as loving those special people in your life. Show yourself or those in your life you adore some love with this bundle. See the full details of the products in this offering below. 

This bundle will only be available through 2/14 


◈ F E A T U R I N G 

❖ Enchant 50mg Limited Edition Vday BB 

🌱50mg local, hemp-derived CBD isolate
💧Grounding x sensual x alluring blend of oakmoss, vanilla, sandalwood, honeysuckle & copaiba essntial oils  
✨ Flower + gem essences to ignite the sacral chakra 
🌹  Topped with rose + lavender petals
💎 Heart opening tumbled rose quartz
 🎨Colored with organic beetroot + blueberry powder

Additionally-the real magic is within this year's bb! Hidden within TWO of the Enchants we send out this year will contain a special pendant made by our beautiful friend, Lucas Shamp. His jewelry creations are made with love + intention in Boulder, Colorado. 

❖ S M I T T E N 70mg Limited Edition Vday BB  

🌱70mg local, hemp-derived CBD isolate

💧Blend of grapefruit, tuberose, jasmine + rose essential oils
✨ Flower & gem essences to open the heart chakra 
🌹  Rose petals
💎Topped with 1 of 6 different hand-selected heart-opening stones 

❖ Vital You Upendo Rose Toner Mist 

100mg cbd isolate// ($32 retail value) // 2.5 oz

This toner mist is created from organic rose hydrosol, a blend of gem & flower essences for the heart chakra and 100mg of pure, local CBD isolate. This mist is created with heart opening & uplift in mind.

‘Upendo’ means love in Swahili, and 5%* of all sales of this mist will be donated to the Africa Yoga Project

U P E N D O features:

💧 organic, rose hydrosol to open the heart, and provide anti-aging and antioxidant effects for the skin & face
🌱 100mg local, hemp-derived CBD isolate 
✨blend of gem & flower essences to open the heart chakra 
🌹 infused with rose quartz crystals
💖5% of all sales are donated to the Africa Yoga Project

❖ Wax Crescent mini 'Goddess Glow' Candle 

*love *peace *healing *purification 

Gemstone: Rose Quartz

Floral: Crushed Rose Petals

Note Profile: Vanilla, Coriander, Lemon, Spice, Tonka Bean

Goddess Glow is all about amplifying love and purifying emotions.