About Us

Here at Vital You, we are dedicated to changing your everyday routine into a healing experience.

In 2018 our bath bombs were formulated as a personal remedy for the chronic conditions of our CEO, Jenna. Over the past five years we have grown into a nationwide self-care modality. We are a women owned & operated business of professional herbalists, estheticians, healers, creators and dreamers. Our handcrafted products are top quality and infused with herbal synergy, all natural ingredients, consistency, and intention.


Our Core Values:
  • We exclusively use pure ingredients and uphold the highest quality standards for our products.
  • We encourage our customers to slow down and invest in their self-care.
  • We strive to build community and we treat our customers as friends.
  • We are allies and give back to a wide array of charities, organizations and movements.
  • We create a supportive team environment. We treat one another with respect, love and inspire on another to lead with confidence.
  • We appreciate and cherish our relationships with our wholesale vendors.


    Meet the owner of Vital You: http://voyagedenver.com/interview/conversations-inspiring-jenna-switzer/


    the Vital You Team: