Boulder Store Info

Are you a local looking to pickup Vital You CBD bath bombs or shop in our store? We would be happy to welcome you in our production space for on-sight shopping. We are typically at our studio from 10a-4pm Monday through Friday, however, we would prefer you text or call us to let us know when you will be by so we can be ready for you. Our number is 720-464-4441 

Looking for contactless pickup? We have you covered!

Here are the 4 easy steps for contactless pickup:

1) Text or call us with your order, if you have a coupon code,  we can apply this to your order. Our number is 720-464-4441 

2) We will then supply you your total and you will have the option to pay via Venmo or credit card.

3) We will let you know if we have everything in stock, or when we will 

4) You will let us know when works for you for pickup and we will place your order outside of our space at your preferred time, or will even bring your order directly to your car for you


Please note that we are following strict covid-19 guidelines. Please sanitize your hands before you walk into our space, or we will have sanitizer ready for you as you walk in, and please be wearing a mask or face covering that covers your nose and mouth fully.