H E A R T  O P E N I N G  bundle ($58 value)

H E A R T O P E N I N G bundle ($58 value)

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This bundle contains 3 of our most uplifting & heart opening items. The ‘Bliss’ bath bomb can bring a sense of joy & contentment, the Bloom bath bomb contains rose absolute, and is topped with rose & hibiscus, a classic pair for heart opening, and the Upendo toner mist contains a wide array of heart opening botanicals.

In this bundle:

*One 50mg ‘Bloom’ bath bomb (rose absolute, wild rose flower essence, topped with hibiscus & rose petals)

*One 100mg ‘Bliss’ bath bomb (a blend of citrus & vanilla essential oils, uplifting flower essences, colored with beetroot & hibiscus powder, topped with moonstone and calendula petals)

*One ‘Upendo’ 100mg toner mist (anti-oxidant & anti-aging organic rose hydrosol, blend of gem & flower essences for the heart chakra, witch hazel to tonify the skin)]