BOGO J O Y *limited edition* 70mg
BOGO J O Y *limited edition* 70mg
BOGO J O Y *limited edition* 70mg

BOGO J O Y *limited edition* 70mg



warming & heart opening 

Oh, what a Joy! Our festive 70mg bb is full of spicy-sweet & warming essential oils and remenescent of that sweet, familar scent the holidays bring. With a blend of cinnamon, cedarwood, cardamon, spearmint and clove essential oils, organic beetroot powder, and gold sparkly mica and stars, this bb embodies the seasonal spirit & will have you leaving the tub full of love. Only available though 1/31

*bogo deal note: there is no limit on the buy one get one deal-enjoy as many as you'd like since we won't see this bb around until next holiday season!*

*please note although your cart will say '1' that you will indeed receive '2' bombs for the price on 1. (ex: if your cart shows 2 'joys' you will receive 4!) design flaw on Shopify's part ;) *

F E A T U R I N G:

🌱70mg local, hemp-derived CBD isolate
💧Delightful blend of 5 essential oils that embody the seasonal spirit
✨Flower & Gem Essence blend for the heart chakra to keep your love flowing this holiday season
🌹 Topped with gold mica & sparkly stars

Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, non-GMO cornstarch, cream of tartar, witch hazel, fractionated coconut oil, local hemp-derived cannabidiol isolate, organic beetroot powder, blend of cinnamon, cedarwood, spearmint, clove, and cardamon essential oils in jojoba oil,  vitamin e, mica, edible gold stars, flower & gem essences, love