P U R E toner mist 50mg
P U R E toner mist 50mg

P U R E toner mist 50mg



Our PURE toner mist is intended for all day, everyday usage. With the lightest amount of CBD, it is gentle enough to use at any time and is intended to help bring balance & an uplift to the spirit.


*local, organic lavender hydrosol from a small organic garden in North Boulder; Wildcat Gardens.

*50mg pure, local CBD isolate

*Blend of flower essences to bring joy & uplift


*Use this spray as a toner for your face, (avoid contact with eyes).

*Bring it on the plane with you, for a refreshing burst in an otherwise stale climate

*Use it all day, everyday for a refreshing burst

*Pop it in the fridge and then use it after working out, or on a hot day

Ingredients: local, organic lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) hydrosol, witch hazel, 50mg hemp-derived CBD isolate in MCT coconut oil, White Chestnut and Wild Rose flower essences