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We're changing the game on self-care. We infuse all of our products with blends of herbs & botanicals, so that you can show up in life feeling your most vital & renewed. 

Handcrafted with Love

All of our products are made in small batches & handcrafted with love in Boulder, CO. 

Pure Ingredients

We use local & organic ingredients whenever possible. We build connections & community from our sources & farms. 

Hemp-Based Healing

We incorporate majority of our products with locally-grown hemp-derived CBD that is always below .3% THC. We take our testing and dosage seriously & can provide testing at any time. 


We listen. We care. We formulate products with you in mind.


Lake Forest, IL

"I'm currently battling Lyme disease and detox baths are part of my treatment regimen I am so thankful I found Vital You when I did! Not only are the bath bombs beautiful, but they are calming and have helped reduce inflammation and my joint stiffness significantly! The customer service is great, super fast shipping and responses to inquiries. I'm obsessed for myself and will also be coming back for gifts to share how amazing these products are with my friends and family!"


Buffalo, NY

“I cannot say enough great things about Vital You! From the quality products to the amazing customer service, they have gained a customer for life. I have a lot of chronic pain issues with my neck and shoulders. Have been to multiple physical therapists, seen many specialists, and still no one has been able to figure out what is going on or how to help. I wanted to stay away from prescription pain meds, so finding this company has been such a blessing. The CBD bath bombs are nothing short of amazing, each one made with so much love and care, it really shows. One of my favorite things to do after a long shift is to come home and relax in a nice hot bath with one of these bombs. To top it off, Vital You is working on creating more amazing products. So far I have tried the salve (which is what a body butter SHOULD feel like, it literally melts on your skin and feels AMAZING), as well as the oil.  These are both created with essential oils and locally sourced ingredients, as well as varying concentrations of CBD. Since starting to use these products, I can definitely feel an overall reduction in pain and increased feelings of well being. I can't wait to try everything that this company creates. I absolutely love everything that they stand for and the dedication to creating natural products that 100% will not disappoint! Do yourself a favor and give these a try!”

Melanie P.

Boulder, CO

"I love these decadent bath bombs! They are the loveliest. My best friend discovered them on Instagram and lucky me, the creator lives in my town so I get them hand delivered :) Bath time is my favorite time, and most bath bombs I find are filled with junk I'm allergic to or wouldn't want near my skin...not these. They are all natural, they smell amazing, and they are so so so beautiful. And for the obvious love and energy that go into them, the price is super fair."

Ali G.

New Britain, CT

"My interaction with Vital You has been an absolute godsend to someone like me.  I underwent extensive surgery on my face last summer and developed a chronic pain condition which spread to my upper body and back a few months after.  Unfortunately due to many complex and overlapping reasons, I was unable to find any relief. Neuropathic pain is considered to be one of the most severe types of pain conditions to exist and I was honestly skeptical anything would be of value to someone in my state.  I decided on five bath bombs, and after using the first one, I was honestly obsessed.  From the thoughtful packaging to the locally-sourced and handpicked ingredients, they were a true delight.  My first CBD experience gave me a window of pain-free living that lasted approximately 4-6 hours.  Unbelievable.  I looked into a handful of other companies before I settled on these.  I am so fortunate to have connected with such a compassionate soul dedicated to providing amazing alternative therapy to those with chronic pain like me as well as those in need of relief from the daily grind.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for every aspect of business and personal relationship CBD has brought together in this exchange.  I highly recommend them and look forward to the future of products of Vital You." 


Denver, CO

So I finally had a chance to experience Vital You bath bombs. I tried Deep and I LOVED it. I’d done a pretty rough squats/deadlifts workout the day before and this was so soothing and relaxing. Just enough scent too – it was calming without being overpowering. Definitely my favorite. But I also tried Bliss after a crazy-long day of hiking in the snowy mountains. Also fantastic! What a soothing, calming way to wrap up my Sunday. Just placed another order – thanks again!


Coatesville, IN

“Best bath bombs I have tried. I love the packaging and the customer service. I recommend them and will continue buying them.”

Maggie B.

Oklahoma City, OK

“My boyfriend gave me a set of Vital You’s CBD bath bombs as birthday gifts—best birthday ever! this product gave me the most ~deeply~ *relaxing* ~bath~ i’ve ever soaked in. no other bath bomb is going to compare. my muscles, my sensitive skin, and my heart are all equally happy.

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